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Safer Highways Mental Health Summit 2020

Safer Highways Mental Health Summit 23rd June 2020 London Transport Museum, Covent Garden

Mental health shouldn’t be seen as a cost but an investment by employers who need to consider it a priority in the boardroom. This is one of the messages to come from this year’s Mental Health Summit, organised by Safer Highways and due to take place on June 23rd at the London Transport Museum. Other subjects to be explored on the day include managing workplace stress and dealing with absenteeism and presenteeism as well as a guide to employers’ obligations in how to manage mental health. Almost two and a half years on from the publishing of the Government’s Thriving at Work report by Lord Dennis Stevenson and Paul Farmer, OBE, new research by Deloitte finds that poor mental health costs UK employers up to £45 billion each year. This is a rise of 16% since 2016 - an extra £6 billion a year. Serving as the launch for the 2020 Thriving at work survey and to be held on 23rd June 2020 at the London Transport Museum, this year’s Safer Highways Mental Health Summit will provide employers with information around the compelling financial case for better management of Workplace Mental health. It will also equip industry leaders of organisations, irrespective of their size, with the tools to effectively manage issues around poor workplace mental health and stress.

Who should attend: Senior leaders from within the industry with a vested financial interest in the better management of the workforce, including Managing Directors, HR Directors, Health and Safety Professionals and anyone with a responsibility for managing people, are all expected to attend the event in June. This should include private sector contractors and consultants, national and local highways and transport organisations, local authorities and any other company working directly or indirectly within the highways and transport sector. The Mental Health Summit 2020 forms part of Safer Highways’ Road to Wellbeing programme, which includes the Thriving at Work Survey.

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