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To support the positive physical and mental wellbeing of their people, Multevo have designed and launched a bespoke wellbeing App across the business.

Over the last two years the business has seen significant growth, with Multevo now having over 200 employees, delivering turnkey supply chain partnerships nationwide including highways, civil engineering, traffic management, arboriculture, and vegetation management services.

The App acts as a hub of valuable and useful resources for employees to access anywhere at any time, including:

· Information on independent mental health support groups broken down by locality, covering all areas Multevo operate in.

· Quick access to helpful resources and free support services covering finance, mental health, physical health, sleep, and stress.

· Access to a range of wellbeing Apps to download for ISO and Android.

· Contact information for free helplines including CALM, Samaritans, and Mates in Mind.

· The contact details of Multevo’s Mental Health First Aiders.

Launching the App forms part of Multevo’s long-term strategy and vision in creating a supportive and open workplace where employees can thrive through increasing awareness and reducing the stigma around mental health.

The ‘Mental Health and Wellbeing, FTSE 100 Report’ found that 1 in 4 employees are impacted by poor mental health each year, with additional stress factors including the pandemic and the current cost of living crisis having an unprecedented affect.

It is now crucial for organisations to implement wellbeing initiatives to empower and equip employees with the awareness and knowledge to support their own positive wellbeing. These initiatives have a profound effect on employee engagement, productivity, and a reduction in absences.

On launching the App, Aimee Dewse, Marketing Manager at Multevo comments:

“At just a click of a button, employees have access to a vast range of information and support services covering a range of topics – which, when trying to locate yourself can be time consuming.”

“As we continue to grow and expand, facilitating change and maintaining a positive workplace culture is hugely important. We’ve all been there where our mental health has impacted how we behave and feel in the workplace and if the resources within the App help just one employee it’s done its job.”

Learn more about Multevo here:

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