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Free Mental Health First Aid training for your workplace

Receive free training as part of the EMPOWER three-year study

Poor mental wellbeing in the workplace has a significant impact both on individual businesses and on the economy as a whole. It is estimated the business cost of mental ill health at work is almost £35 billion a year nationwide – the equivalent of £1,300 for every person employed in every UK business. There is increasing understanding that employers can reduce some of these costs by taking positive action to improve mental health at work and create supportive, healthier, more productive businesses.

The Centre has been commissioned by Mental Health First Aid England (the largest Mental Health awareness trainer in England) to work with London South Bank University on a large scale study of the benefits of Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Training to employers, employees and those who experience poor mental health in the work place.

We are now inviting companies to take part in the study and, in doing so, receive free Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Training.

The study starts in January 2020, so we’re recruiting businesses now to join us and be part of the study.

If you are interested in taking part, download the information below and contact Dr Graham Durcan by emailing

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