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Edition Six of SH Magazine now available to download.

Edition 6 of SH Magazine is now available to download from the Safer Highways website.

The quarterly publication which has a readership of over 190,000 people has gone from strength to strength over the course of the last 12 months, building upon its burgeoning reputation and becoming the must-read magazine for anyone with an affiliation to Health and Safety in our sector. Safer Highways is pleased to announce the latest edition of SH Magazine. Packed with 76 pages of exclusive content this edition comes at an unprecedented time where we see not just our own country but also the world gripped by the global pandemic that is COVID-19 with many of the stories in this edition reflecting this.

The current issue also includes a story from Natalie Sauber, How safe are connected vehicles, really..? Continuing the trend of examining driver assistance and bringing on changes in Londons direct vision standard specification, Brigade Electronics looks at how this eases the fitting of life-saving sensors to articulated lorries.

Also in this edition we have articles around reducing carbon emissions, Paul Aldridge, Sustainability Director at WJ Group, looks into how reducing carbon emission in highways should be an industry priority. We also follow a story by Olly Samways, Head of Sales and Marketing at Westcotec, where they are introducing an product which will look to monitor air pollution.

Also in this issue:

  • James Rudoni talks about Managing employee mental health and wellbeing...

  • James Bird, Senior SHE Manager Kier Highways talks about An introduction to Human Performance...

  • Adrian Tatum talks to Andrew MacCuish, Operations Director at Highway Care and finds out what other advice is being given in the industry.

and much much more.

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