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Promoting effective workplace mental health and suicide prevention support.

Green Laces is our bespoke mental health and suicide prevention programme.

It is designed to equip employers with tools, such as suicide prevention training, to effectively manage mental health in the work environment.

Green Laces is an infrastructure wide programme developed by the Safer Highways Health and Wellbeing Taskforce. As a whole, the programme intends to bring the industry together through sharing innovation to create a positive workplace environment for our employees.

The model offers guidance, direction, training and awareness through the provision of framework, which outlines four strategic components, supported by free resources. These are available on a designated portal which will also play host to our unique benchmarking toolkit.


85% of the UK construction workforce feel that mental health issues are not dealt with adequately in the work place (CIOB)

1 in 4 males between the ages of 16-50 will suffer from poor mental health

Year on year, male suicide rates are over 3x higher than female rates (ONS)

For every £1 invested in workplace mental health interventions, the average return was £4.20 (as of 2020)


Construction industry occupational group ranks 1st in suicide prevalence (Balfour Beaty)

In the construction industry deaths from suicide are 10x higher than deaths from injury (HSE)

Green Laces Benchmarking Survey

Safer Highways calls on the industry to help shape a new UK Health and Wellbeing Risk standard which focuses on workplace mental health and wellbeing.

 It is to be developed by many key thinkers from across the highways, construction and transportation sectors as a new collaborative approach. 


In order to understand where the supply chain currently sits, Safer Highways and our other stakeholders are asking 150 organisations, of varying sizes, to take part in an anonymous baseline survey. 


The findings from this survey will be used to shape the new UK standard, thus meaning a role will be created for stakeholders in the direction of travel, as we as employers work to better enhance workplace health


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